SPI LCD thumbnail

SPI-connected LCD

This handy little board adds SPI capability to an LCD module. You can then reclaim your precious hardware UART resources for other I/O functions while bit-banging data to your LCD module on any spare GPIO pins via SPI, quickly and without the hassle of configuring hardware devices. Shown connected to a 2x20 OLED display. more info

28Vin 15Vout supply thumbnail

28Vin, 15Vout 6A miniature switching supply

This board was designed to fit into the tight confines of an oilfield instrument to provide up to 6 amps of 15V rail power from a bank of 28V batteries. Voltage is easily set from 1.2V to 26V with just one resistor. more info

I2C remote IR thumbnail

I2C-connected contactless IR temperature sensor

This miniature contactless IR temperature sensor measures temperatures ranging from -55C to +125C in a very small form factor. more info

Battery Box thumbnail

Battery Test Box

This test box is designed to emulate two battery stacks for surface testing of downhole oilfield tooling. Additional data breakout ports allow interception of all data running within the tool string for monitoring or debugging use. Crossover cables are available to interface with many manufacturers' tools. more info